Who do I contact to change my shareholder details?

Link Market Services manages all shareholder details on behalf of Sigma. You can manage and update your own share registry details online by visiting the Link Market Services Investor Centre or contact Link directly on Tel: 1300 554 474 (in Australia).

What is the ASX code used by Sigma?

Sigma Healthcare trades under the ASX code SIG.

Does Sigma have an active Share buy-back program?
Sigma does not currently have an active share buy-back program.  This is something that will be reviewed by the Board on an ongoing basis.


What role does Sigma play in the retail pharmacy market?
Sigma provides pharmaceutical wholesale services to independent pharmacies and groups of pharmacies across Australia.  As the owner of the Amcal, Discount Drug Store and Pharmasave brands, Sigma also provides franchise support services to the pharmacy owners to support them to grow their business and enhance their customer value proposition.  There are around 400 pharmacies operating under one of our brands.
Why doesn’t Sigma just own the pharmacies rather than operate like a franchisor?

Current regulation in Australia requires that a pharmacy is owned by a pharmacist. This precludes Sigma from owning pharmacies. The scale delivered by being a brand owner provides us with capacity to invest in numerous programs and services to support the success of our branded pharmacy members, which in turn supports Sigma’s success.

Logistics Services

What is Sigma doing to grow your revenue when the value of the PBS is flat or declining?
Sigma has a clear strategy of continuing to diversify our revenue and more importantly earnings base beyond the PBS. Whilst PBS revenue continues to be important to the underlying business, profit growth is being driven by our investment in diversifying our income stream to other areas, such as increased OTC products, our private and exclusive range of products, the delivery of various services, and our expansion into third party logistics services.